Glam Body



Hey best friend! Wanna know the secret of glow? Perky, bouncy & velvety soft skin that you can’t stop starring at! How? Let me introduce myself.

I’m the sassiest body scrub around and your skin’s best friend; I’m the Pink Grapefruit Coffee Scrub! The reason you’ll wake up happy in the morning to get in the shower! You just need 10 minutes to yourself and then…cellulite? Never heard of her. Uneven texture? Nope! Dark spots, eczema and stretch marks? Never again!

Indulge in my spicy, fruity heaven and never look back!

  • Caution: extreme levels of hydration
  • Dry patch stopper
  • Spirit awakener
  • Glow creator
  • Perfect to start the day the right way 
  • Always cruelty-free

P.S. I will be your new addiction. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

Made in USA 

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