We believe that your skin should look and feel good.

Our products are created out of passion and founded by Danika Berry in 2017, a single mom whose children were combating eczema. 

Berry's vision was to curate homemade coffee scrubs in order to help nourish and heal the skin. Self care should be fun, engaging and relaxing and Glam Body has since become her best friend and she will be yours too! 

When you strip off all the layers—the clothes, the jewelry, the makeup—what are you left with? A blank slate for your body. A fresh start for your skin. That's where Glam Body comes in to help you. 

As your best friend, Glam Body wants you to feel and look your best. 
We want you to experience the highest quality of all natural ingredients. 
"I’ve experienced cellulite, eczema, stretch marks from having babies and dark spots. Let’s say goodbye together to the pesky things that bother us about our skin." - Danika Berry 
Are you ready for smooth, glowing skin? LET’S GO BEST FRIEND!