Glam Body



Hey bestie! Can’t find the time and energy to hit the spa but still crave the feeling? I got ya! I’m here to help you create your secret happy place in your own shower!

Get your body ready for some real glam while scrubbing away dead skin cells, cellulite, hyperpigmentation and bad energy. Indulge in my yummy, coconut-y, dreamy scent and treat yourself to gorgeous, plumped skin that radiates in just 10 minutes! Antioxidants, minerals and coffee? Hell, yes!

  • Major hydration giver
  • Happiness achiever
  • Bad vibes eliminator 
  • Best skin offerer
  • Perfect for a pinch of sweetness at the end of a challenging day
  • Always cruelty-free

P.S. Get ready to be seduced by my yumminess and seduce with your softness! 

Made in USA 

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