How Coffee Benefits Your Skin

While getting too many cuppas is not recommended for health, the same can’t be said when applying them onto your skin (the grounded beans, not the drink). Beauty experts and even dermatologists agree that coffee does benefit your skin regardless of all skin types. So if you don’t have it in your skincare routine, we highly recommend that you add one, pronto.
Let’s get straight to the point and go through the list of benefits coffee can do for your skin.

Tighten and brighten the skin

The one feature that we immediately associate with coffee is caffeine and the component is beneficial for the skin. Caffeine works by improving blood flow purges excess water (thanks to its diuretic nature, more on that below), and supports detoxifying of the skin.

This in turn helps to tighten and de-puffs at the affected area, giving them a brighter appearance. If you have noticeable dark circles around the eyes, simply applying a coffee ground paste to the affected area on a daily basis can significantly reduce darkened skin.

Antioxidant punch

Another benefit of coffee is the high antioxidant count (known as flavonoid)in the ingredient that it can neutralize aging signs wonderfully such as redness, wrinkles, damages from photoaging, as well as sunspots. If you’re looking for an ingredient for an anti-aging regimen, consider adding coffee as well.

Purge out water retention

The diuretic nature in coffee is beneficial to purge out excess water and fluids bonded to fat cells (in a way, dehydrates the cell) for tighter, smoother-looking skin. This can be handy if you’re looking for a quick, effective fix for the unsightly cellulite and flabby skin that a good scrub can certainly get the job done. tip: apply the coffee scrub mixture to the affected area and give them a good scrub, let it rest until dry for the coffee scrub to work its magic before rinsing them off.

Gentle, effective exfoliant

The coffee grounds on themselves are natural and undoubtedly wonderful for an exfoliant. The texture of the ingredient is perfect for effective, gentle scrubbing for exfoliation to smooth out the bumpy texture, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and improve overall circulation.

Coffee is perfect on its own with its chock full of nutrients as mentioned. Plus, coffee grounds used as a scrub is a versatile product that you can mix with other ingredients and they work well to deliver goods for your skin. Use the scrub for the face, body, or even for the lips for the benefits listed here.

The benefits listed are some of the reasons why we use coffee as the main ingredient in our products. Not just coffee mind you but blended well with other ingredients (such as Jojoba oil, coconut oil, Himalayan Salts, and others) to make it an all-around, versatile coffee scrub suitable for all skin types. Choose based on your skin needs - whether to nourish dry skin, soothing aching muscles or simply give the skin a perk up, we got you covered.

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